The Glamorous Life Of Jackie O

I’ve always found Jackie Onassis fascinating.

I don’t think she was staggeringly beautiful. 
But I do think she was staggeringly fabulous.
And she had such a great sense of style, was so effortlessly chic, that she always seemed to be one of the most beautiful and intriguing of them all.

A couple of months ago I was in Capri, and my friend Aldo was showing me photos of himself with the former Mrs Kennedy when she would visit the island. Aldo made sandals for her, so I always get him to make me sandals too. I love thinking that she and I share a shoemaker. 

I actually wrote about Aldo Lella and his shoe store, Schettino Di Capri two summers ago – you can read it here. Buying Sandals In Capri

Anyway, I love looking at pictures of Jackie Onassis on the island of Capri. I always wonder if the sandals she has on were made for her by Aldo.
I love her white pants and black T shirt. I love her huge glasses.
I love her style.
I love the lifestyle she represents.
So much more interesting than Camelot, don’t you think? 

Jackie Onassis arriving on Capri

Jackie Onassis in Capri with Valentino





Jackie Onassis on the island of Capri with Gianni Agnelli
Jackie Onassis sandal shopping in Capri


Jackie Onassis in Capri with sister Lee Radziwell

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