5 Things I Adore About Rome


Rome, the eternal city, is one of my absolute favorite cities in the world.

I love it to my core.
I often think “back when I lived in Rome…” and then I realize I never actually have lived in Rome.
Maybe just in my dreams, and in my heart.

There are so many wonderful things things to see and do and experience in this heartbeat city that was once the center of the world.

5 Things I Adore About Rome

1. Its a walking city

The streets are perfect for walking in Rome

My favorite cities in the world are walking cities.
Rather than watched through the windows of a tour bus, Rome is best experienced at street level, strolling.


Things you see on the streets of Rome


There are so many great things to see in Rome that you will only find on foot

Walking along the banks of the Tiber is glorious, day or night.

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Lungotevere, Roma


Booksellers, Lungotevere, Rome


Stepping through the cobbled streets you feel the pulse of this glorious and triumphant city.


Walking back into the Trastevere, Roma
My apartment is on this street in the Trastevere, Rome


Queen Of The Jungle.
I followed this glamazon in her 5 inch heels as she sauntered along the Via Del Corso in Rome.
She never missed a beat, even on the cobble stones.
I want to be her!

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2. The monuments at night.

Walking to the Colosseum at night

Rome’s monuments are majestic and beautiful by day, but when the sun is up they are also packed with a deluge of tourists streaming from tour buses, lead by flag waving guides.
When night falls the crowds thin out, you can breathe freely and the much less impeded views are just spectacular.



The Forum and Palatine Hill at night

3. Caffe at Tazza D’Oro

My morning macchiato at Tazza D’Oro in Rome


Said to be the best coffee in the world, Tazza D’Oro is one of my absolute favorite places to grab a macchiato, a cappucino or a simple caffe (espresso). They are also known for their granita.
Located across from the Pantheon, Tazza D’Oro breaks rank with the overpriced tourist bars, instead catering to locals and selling coffees at super reasonable prices. A cappucino around the corner will run you 6 euro, but at Tazza D’Oro it’s 1.50
The coffee is fantastic, and I always buy several pounds of it to bring home.

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4. Campo Di Fiori market.

My mornings in Rome start with a walk to Tazza D’Oro for a coffee.


Mornings at Campo Di Fiori in Rome

From there I love to stroll over to Campo di Fiori and buy fresh percorino and prosciutto, fruits and vegetables that instead of ripening in a truck driven across country to a supermarket, were picked last night to be eaten today.


Campo Di Fiori Market, Rome


Market sellers will tell me how their family has prepared a given vegetable for generations, and I will go home and make it their way. The next day they have something else for me to try.
It’s wonderful.


Campo Di Fiori Market, Rome

I also like to buy fresh flowers for my apartment. I don’t do hotels in Rome – I far prefer to rent an apartment in the beautiful Trastevere, which is within walking distance to everywhere.


Flowers at the Campo di Fiori market in Roma

5. Subterranean Rome.

The Rome that sits above ground is captivating and magnificent, but below ground there is another world, equally spectacular.


We found mosaics and paintings that are 1700 years old.
Apparently no one else was interested. Or they were relying on a tour bus to take them places.
You find the best things when you explore walking cities on foot.

Houses and spas, mosaics, aqueducts and auditoriums, entire cities all below ground, dating back to the 2nd century B.C
Underground Rome is astounding.
And astoundingly tourist free.


A staircase leading 17 centuries back, down below Rome, and finding paintings on broken walls


25 meters below the city of Rome, heading into a 4th century church with my iphone camera

Over the centuries Rome built upwards, the layers of dirt and dust raising the city 25 meters. Rather than tearing down buildings, rome built over them. Pagan images and reliefs share space and time with Christian sarcophagi and crosses, enabling you to witness the passage from one religion to the next.


Denise below Rome taking iphone pics in a subterranean church from the 4th century.
There was literally no one else below deck – just the Corinna B’s World Glam Italia Tour!

And most of the time there is no one else there. The Nikon wielding masses seem to stay above ground, which suits me just fine. My iphone and I can enjoy the view, breathe freely, and take our own sweet time.


Things you find below the city of Rome

All these images were taken by me, with my iphone, walking around Rome. Please don’t use them without my written permission.

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