The Red Carpet Ready Handbag

I’m on my way back to L.A for the greatest red carpet of them all. 

I think this is my 10th time, but it may be the 11th. 
If I’m not going to be backstage with her keeping her makeup maintained I pack a little bag of goodies for my actress to touch up with throughout the night.

She will be in makeup hours before she hits the red carpet, and then probably until at least 3 or 4 in the morning at the Oscar’s after parties, so she needs some good items to keep her fabulous makeup maintained and photo immaculate until she gets back home again.

Some of the items I pack her are perfect for you too to keep in your handbag on a big night out. Let’s have a look at a few so that you too can keep your handbag red carpet ready.


1. I’m crazy about these super color saturated Temptu lipsticks at the moment. They give you rich color that holds.

2 and 3. When makeup is starting to feel a bit worn in you can add an instant refresh by lightening and brightening under the eyes with YSL’s Touche Elcat and the patting a little life back into your cheeks with The Multiple by Nars. (I slice a piece off and put it in a little plastic container)


4. I don’t like a powdery look – I prefer the skin to glow, so instead of pressed powder I pack Tatcha blotting papers. They are fabulous and being Tatcha they make everything feel more luxurious!

5. Even seasoned A listers get nervous on the red carpet, and get a dry mouth, which in turn means raunchy breath. I tell my ladies to pop in a Listerine breath strip every so often just for good measure.

6. Even if a matte lip is the biggest thing in fashion I still pack a Chanel lipgloss in her handbag. Matte lips can look dry and cracked after a while, and even if it’s just placed in the center of the lip a little gloss can keep the lips looking supple and kissable.

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