Beauty Tip Of The Week #14 ~ Four Lipstick Mistakes To Avoid

There is nothing quite like lipstick to wake up and brighten your face.


Charlotte Tilbury Filmstars On The Go Breakfast At Tiffanys Lip, Cheek and Eyecolor.

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Feeling tired or under the weather? A bright, vibrant lip will quickly add a little spark to your visage and can breathe life into a flat complexion.

Running to the store with no makeup on? A pretty, lively lipstick can make you look immediately put together.
Making the walk of shame the morning after the night before? A pair of sunglasses and a bold lip will have you strutting out like you own the deal instead of slithering away into the shadows with your un-madeup face turned down.

Lipstick is fantastic.
But you need to watch out for the 4 main lipstick mistakes to avoid:


1. Straying Outside The Lines
Letting your lipstick wander out over the lipline leaves you looking either like you’ve been gnawing away on chicken wings, or that you let a five year old put your lips on.
Shape your mouth with a lipliner and apply your lipstick with a lipbrush. A well defined mouth is much more alluring!

2. Lip Liner Too Dark
There was this icky time back in the 90’s where women wore exaggerated dark lipliner. It looked stupid then and it looks stupid now.
Find a lipliner close to your lip shade. Ideally build out you lip with a complimentary shade of nude, but if you are using a colored lip liner keep it very close in color to your lipstick.

Charlotte Tilbury Looks Campaign

3. Find Your Flattering Shade.
You need to choose a lipstick color that compliments your skin tone. Warm based lips for warm based skins and cool based lipsticks for cool toned skins.
If you have thin lips or if you are a little older avoid dark lipsticks – they will age you quickly and make your lips look thin, pursed and angry.

4. Lipstick On Your Teeth
When you break out into a big, gorgeous grin you don’t want to kill the moment with lipstick all over your teeth!
Three ways to avoid this are: blotting your lips after applying lipstick, wearing lipstick formulas that aren’t too slippery, and after applying lipstick wrap your lips around your index finger and executing your best porn-star impersonation pulling your finger out of your mouth.

Pucker up!

Charlotte Tilbury Looks Campaign

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