8 Random Things You Should Pack When You Travel

We all remember the usual things to pack when we travel – sunscreen, flipflops, a spare sweater. But what about the random things? From wardrobe malfunctions to luggage malfunctions to unexpected (and lengthy) airport layovers, check out these 8 items you would wish you had thought to bring with you.

8 Random Things You Should Pack When You Travel.



A Small Power Strip

A small, lightweight power strip can be a lifesaver when you need to charge multiple devices during airport layovers. Especially the unexpected, multiple hour layovers that sneak up on you at O’Hare.

There is nothing quite like finding your phone battery and laptop/tablet are now in the red and every power socket is already being used.

No one minds if you pull out a mini power strip and co-opt the power socket they are using.

Stateside a power strip can be really useful in hotel rooms and vacation rentals to power up multiple devices/hairdryer/curling irons etc at once, but be careful in Europe where you can power down an entire apartment by having to many electrical happening at once.
Try the Belkin 3-Outlet Mini Travel Swivel Charger Surge Protector with Dual USB Ports, 5 Charging Outlets Total (1 AMP / 5 Watt)

Duct Tape

Whether you are using it to lift lint or animal hair from your clothes or repairing exploding luggage like MacGuyver, it doesn’t hurt to have a small roll of duct tape on hand.

Baby Wipes

Always have travel packs of baby wipes in your carry-on. Whether you are cleaning down the tray table in your airplane seat, cleaning your hands or having to do variations on a mini wash, baby wipes are a life saver.
Try La Fresh Travel Lite Baby Wipes

A Scarf

Scarves are good all rounders. From extra warmth on planes to makeshift pillows scarves are endlessly useful. In many countries you can’t enter places of worship (temples, cathedrals, village churches ) with bare shoulders or short skirts. A scarf takes up no room in your day bag and can double up as head cover, shoulder cover, even a makeshift skirt.

If you’ve accidentally had too much sun, and have sunburnt shoulder or neck, a lightweight scarf can block more burn and save an otherwise ruined day.
Try this Modal Silk Blend Scarf from Nordstrom.com

Tote Bag

A canvas or cotton tote bag can be incredibly handy to have around. In plenty of countries you will be charged for grocery bags, so you may want to bring your own bag. It can double up as a carry on bag for your return flight if you have over-shopped. It can be a picnic bag, work as a beach bag or even be a chic and useful bag to take to local farmers’ markets.
Try this Tom’s “One For One” Cotton Blend Tote from Nordtrom.com

Travel Water Bottle

Outside of America there’s not a McDonald’s on every corner, and disposable plastic water bottles are often frowned upon. Be environmentally friendly with a travel water bottle.

While you are en route to your destination use it to pack breakable items
Try Mandukas’s 25oz Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Safety Pins

From being an instant fix for wardrobe malfunctions such as broken zippers and popped buttons, to fastening hems; secure pant legs when walking through water (hello aqua alta in Venice!). A safety pin clasping zippers of your day pack together can be a deterrent to pickpockets, and you can even slip a safety pin into the seam of you slip or hem of a skirt or dress that has static cling – the metal has repelling properties.


Food in your teeth, or mossy looking teeth are always unattractive. Keep your pertly whites sparkling and fresh while you are on your day trip or when you are stuck in an airport with these breath freshening, disposable toothbrushes that need no water.

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