How To Choose The Perfect Swimsuit

Have you bought your new summer bikinis or swimsuits yet?
I haven’t.
To make it worse trying to balance a super heavy work load with taking care of a chronically ill child has meant racing from one directly to the other, so I haven’t been able to work out for 3 months, which means I’m starting summer in my worst shape ever. Ever.

So, as I venture bravely into the swimsuit store I need every trick under the sun to help me find something new to wear on the beach.
This year I’m more in the mood for a maillot. But I’ve said that many years and ended up buying bikinis, so who knows?


How To Choose The Perfect Swimsuit (or bikini)

1. The best swimsuit fit is snug, with no gaping fabric.
Swimsuits do expand when wet, so if in doubt go a little smaller.

2. Show off your best assets with colors, prints and embellishments.
Downplay your other bits with solid, darker colors.

3. Shirring works magic! It hides bulges, hugs curves and defines the waist.

4. For extra boobie support look for underwire, bra style tops and halters with thicker ties. When tying your top, go tighter.

5. Tops fit when they cover your breast without it bulging under the underwire, or molded cup, or near the underarm.

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6. Monokinis, padded push up tops, Brazilian bottoms and embellishments like ruffles and bold colors create the illusion of curves.

7. To avoid tummy bulge look for tie side or banded bottoms. Both lie softly on the tummy. In a one piece look for surplus wraps and princess seams.

8. Asymmetrical silhouettes narrow the shoulders and highlight the beautiful line from a woman’s neck to her collarbone. Pair it with a ponytail for a sleek look.

9. Create the illusion of legs thaat never end with high-cut, dark colored bottoms and a pair of wedge sandals. Use bronzer on your legs for a sculpted, even tone.

10.  Choose a swimsuit that makes you feel confident and comfortable. Try on several styles and don’t become discouraged!

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This list came from Everything But Water

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