Just One Thing

Just One Thing.

I am so over the makeup that I see everywhere these days.

Everywhere as in America – I’m not seeing it on my travels.

But you know what I’m talking about. Heavy opaque foundation that kills any potential for real skin to breathe, plastered on thick so that girls can contour themselves like drag queens.

Heavy overdone eyebrows, plastered on over heavy eye makeup. It’s as though everyone wants to be Kardashi-bots even if they’re just running to the store for milk.

I prefer to see real skin. Healthy, radiant, well cared for skin. It makes you think there is a real human underneath.


I like cheeks that glow as if kissed by the sun.
And right now I like to see just one thing.


Be it a firm brow or a bold lip. Maybe a sleek eye.


Creating a bare look that holds focus on just one thing is so fresh and powerful and modern.

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