Let The Ocean Heal You

I am a huge believer in the healing power of the ocean.

Puerto Penasco, Mexico

In life, when it all gets too tough, and you are separated from your tribe half a world away, the best thing you can do is make a run to the coast.

Puerto Penasco

When the lines get blurred and you grasp for clarity, there is nothing better than diving into the blue, fighting the sea as you knife your way across the powerful current, then turn toward the horizon and swim as hard and as fast and as far as you can. Somewhere beyond the boundaries of where you have a right to be, when your lungs are on fire and your heart pounds so hard you think it will explode, your body just stops and won’t let you swim any more.

You flip onto your back, look up at the sky and tell yourself you are floating on top of her, but then you understand that’s not quite true. The ocean is holding you up, rocking you in her swell. 
As clarity sets in you begin to know your backbone is straight because you choose to hold it that way. 
You realize just how powerful your thighs are, you appreciate the breadth and strength of your shoulders. 
For a half hour you tread water, far far out in the deep, just because you can. 

Then with life’s contemplation complete for today at least, you take the easy route and let her guide you back to shore, floating more than swimming. 

And you emerge back onto the beach knowing “I got this”.

Sometimes you just have to find your wave and ride it.

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