How To Repair Summer Skin Damage ~ Beauty Tip Of The Week #23

With summer winding down it’s time to take stock of the damage we’ve done to our skin during the warm and sunny months, and come up with a plan to both protect our skin and heal it.


Here are a selection of skin care products to fight environmental damage, erase dark spots, super hydrate and heal, and turn back the clock on summer to give you radiant, gorgeous, glowing skin.

From Philosophy, The  Microdelivery Overnight Anti Aging Peel $82 combines the skin smoothing, micro exfoliation of a peel with the soothing, calming, restorative benefits of an overnight sleep mask. You wake up with gorgeous, glowing skin!


Rodial’s Dragon’s Blood Sculpting Gel $98 is magic in a bottle! It masks redness, plumps and smooths skin to reduce wrinkles, and leaves your skin looking firm and renewed.


Protect your skin from environmental pollutants and damaging free radicals by adding vitamin C to your skin care routine. Ciracle Vitamin Source C-20 not only protects your skin, but also makes it look brighter and more vital. Vitamin Source C-20’s incredible delivery system gets the nutrients deep into your skin to lighten dark spots, diminish fine lines and wrinkles, and helps your skin to create healthy new cells.


It’s Skin Power 10 Formula CO Effector $11 is a super affordable example of how staggeringly effective Korean skin care products really are. This highly potent collagen serum needs only a couple of drops to be massaged into the skin to super hydrate from the inside out, making the skin look instantly resilient and moisturized.
You can read more about the Korean skin care revolution here


Tatcha’s Radiant Deep Brightening Serum is the Holy Grail of serums, and as such is the secret currency of celebrities. The instant it hits your skin you begin to see absolute magic happening. No matter what your skin type you see your complexion become radiant, firm, glowing. Although the company makes no claims about this serum healing anything, I have seen dreadful facial eczema disappear overnight, scaly, alligator like skin smooth in front of my eyes and red, irritated skin calm down in minutes. This is easily one of the greatest skin care products ever created.


SNP’s Gold Collagen Sleeping Pack $30 is another brilliant piece of Korean skin technology, and is the final step in your night time skin care routine. After layering on your serums, essences and ampoules you apply an even layer of sleeping pack across the face and neck at least 10 minutes before bed. When you wake up you gently remove any residue with luke warm water. Your skin will be absolutely shimmering! This product is super nourishing, moisturizing and healing, and an incredible ally in damage control and the fight against aging.
And did I mention it has gold in it??


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