Gwen Stefani X Urban Decay

Have you been watching Gwen Stefani on The Voice?
I just love her.

Gwen Stefani, The Voice

With a hugely successful fashion empire, her beauty prowess and her incredibly iconic look, it’s a wonder she doesn’t have her own makeup line. Can you imagine a Gwen look-a-like line? Would you buy products based on her sensational look?
I would.

iconic Gwen Stefani

Gwen has just announced a partnership with Urban Decay for a limited edition Gwen Stefani collection, debuting in time for Christmas on November 22nd. This is Urban Decay’s first ever celeb collaboration.

Gwen Stefani Vogue Magazine

A word to the wise: this line will probably have some strong and fabulous lipsticks which will sell out in no time at all. If you find a Gwen lip you love, stock up on it while you have the chance!

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