Makeup Mistakes To avoid This Holiday Season

ScarJo wearing beautiful, Instagram-free makeup

With the holiday season in full swing you’ve no doubt got tons of parties and events lined up to take you all the way through to New Years Eve.
You’ve already planned out your outfits, your accessories and your hairdo so that you look and feel super glam at each and every event, now lets make sure you don’t ruin your look by making any of the following makeup mistakes.

 8 Makeup Mistakes To Avoid This Holiday Season

Too Much Makeup

The more makeup tutorials girls watch, the more makeup they pile on. Don’t get caught up in all the makeup steps you see online – makeup is meant to enhance your features, not smother them. 
Seriously, less is more.

Contouring Like An Instagrammer

Looking at a face that has been over-contoured makes your brain hurt. Makeup artists have been contouring forever, but not the way you see it on Instagram. We artfully apply a little highlight here and a little shade there to bring out the best features in the face. The key is to be subtle and to be so well blended that you can’t see it with the naked eye. 
The nonsense that is still all over Instagram is like a very bad joke.
Heavy product, sitting on the surface of the skin (instead of blended away to almost nothingness) shaded too light and too dark, flagrantly abusing color theory and totally visible to the naked eye is really bad makeup.
Do yourself a favor: don’t look at Instagram before you do your makeup!


Treating Your Face Like A Makeup Chart

When you treat your face like a makeup chart you start to look like a caricature of yourself. It’s super unflattering. 
Instead of following the Instagrammers, focus on creating a gorgeous complexion with sheer foundation and a soft creamy blush. Leave the drag queen look to the drag queens – remember these goddesses of the night use this extreme makeup chart makeup to take their larger, more manly features and turn them into soft, female features. They have reason to do it. You don’t.

Instagram Eyebrows

I’m not sure which bothers me more. Instagram contour or Instagram eyebrows.
Eyebrows are one of the most important features on the face. They help give the visage dimension, frame and open the eye, and create balance. 
I am all for a well defined brow, but these crazy, squared off, ferocious brows that are all over the IG look plain stupid. 

Too Much Foundation

Foundation shouldn’t be a thick, opaque layer that obliterates the skin. It’s job is to create the illusion of perfect, glowing, healthy, even toned skin. Keep your formulation sheer, and blend it well. The person standing next to you should be thinking you have a gorgeous complexion, and shouldn’t be able to see foundation sitting on the surface of your skin.

Mis-Matched Foundation

Your foundation shade should ideally match the skin color at your collarbone. Your face shouldn’t be any lighter or darker than your decolletage.

Putting Trend Before Reason

Don’t be too obsessed with trends in makeup. Find out what works for your face, and do that. 
If a matte oxblood pout is all the rage and you have thin small lips, do a sheer, glossy neutral instead. If dark, smoky eyes are the biggest thing in makeup, but you have deep set eyes or heavy bags under your eyes, you will just draw more attention to those features.
Colors that are on trend might not suit your skin tone, makeup styles that are in vogue might not work your face shape. 

Dull Lipstick

Party season lips need to have a pop of bright color. Dull, brown lips drag your face down. The idea is to look bright and vivacious.

If bright colors feel overwhelming, at least give yourself a pretty, colored gloss.

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