Want Flawless, Gorgeous Looking Skin? Add Oil. ~ Beauty Tip Of The week #38

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So how is your skin doing right now?
If yours is anything like mine it’s starting to feel the effects of the colder weather. Cold weather stresses our skin out. It makes it sensitive and irritated, it dries our skin out.
The holiday season adds to this, because we are running around more, going to parties and events (alcohol + tiredness), going out at night shopping (stress + cold weather) and even though the holidays are tons of fun, they are exhausting.
If you are traveling there is another layer of chaos to add in to your equation, and it becomes super visible on your skin.

I couldn’t figure out what was up with my skin. My foundation started looking really flat and lifeless, and nothing seemed to be working. I tried a bunch of different things before I realized what was up – I wasn’t using a facial oil.

When I talk about facial oils people freak out

The old way of thinking was that facial oils would give us acne. They don’t.

The new breed of super facial oils work magic on the skin.

Plenty of them are super antioxidants. They are incredibly nourishing and hydrating. They prevent water loss, sensitivities and irritation.

Facial Oils make your makeup look gorgeous!

From the makeup point of view facial oil make the skin look smooth and glowing. A couple of drops of a really good facial oil before your moisturizer will make your foundation glide on beautifully and smoothly, and give you the most gorgeous, healthy looking skin.

Which Oil Should You Use?

There are lots of different oils to choose from.

Personally I adore products with Camellia Oil. I am a firm believer that the most effective lip balms are the ones that contain camellia oil. My all time favorite face oil has a camellia oil base too.

I use Tatcha’s Camellia Beauty Oil. It calms your skin when it is feeling sensitive or irritated, it hydrates it when it feels dry. This is one of those products that gives you an instant result – you see the difference immediately, and know you just did something very right for your complexion!

It also contains 24 karat gold which gives your skin a really sensual glow.

Tatcha Camellia Beauty Oil even comes in a travel size, which is perfect to take onboard your flight with you, and if you are a little nervous about adding an oil to your skin care regimen, is perfect as a trial product.

Check it out at tatcha.com

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