Football Playoffs Party Food ~ How To Make A Charcuterie Board

Are you a football fan?
I love football. I learned American football when I worked the first season of NFL On Fox. Terry, Howie and Coach Jimmy taught me the game back in 1994 and I loved it ever since.
I also love football parties and Super Bowl parties, which brings me to today’s post.

A few weeks ago I did a shoot with my very good friends, The Football Bettys, for Emma Magazine.

The Football Bettys are a trio of uber glamorous business women who also happen to be die-hard football fans. They are gorgeous, fun, and all about fashion. Football Betty parties are stylish and chic, and their website caters to the football fan who enjoys a good pair of heels.

Anyway, I need a charcuterie board for a football party this weekend, so I’m doing this one from the Football Bettys.
If you need some chic and fabulous ideas for football playoff parties or for your Super Bowl party, check out their website here

And if you want to know how to create the perfect charcuterie board check out this post from the Football Bettys:

How To Make A Charcuterie Board For Your Football Party

Here at Football Bettys, we like to balance our football party style- sometimes our entertaining ideas are casual and super easy (like our Quick and Easy Popcorn Bar) and other times we like to step it up and make pretty football party food. Yes, we said it: pretty football party food. 

This gorgeous charcuterie board was created by Football Betty Victoria for Emma Magazine’s winter issue and there’s so much we love about it that we had to share all the details! 


Have you tried ooey gooey crazy delicious honeycomb? It’s a luxury item that earns the top spot on our “pretty football party food” list of must haves. Pro tip: once you take it out of the container, place it on a plate or bowl with a rim so the honey doesn’t ooze off the board. 


Shoot stylist and party hostess Victoria suggests you start building your charcuterie board with the meat and cheese first since the cheese is usually the item that takes up the most room and the meat can be layered vertically. Once you have these two items placed on the board, you can build around them with the other goodies! 



When planning a pretty football party food spread, we like to use beautiful serving pieces such as the Julia Knight platters and bowls seen in this shoot. These serving pieces are among our favorites for several reasons: the quality is exceptional, the designs are both sophisticated and modern, and many of the pieces are bold in color so they coordinate with our team colors! 





Pears and Honeycrisp apples are perfect for gluten-free guests; charcuterie boards are crowd pleasers just like chips and dip but they’re much more fancy and guests always ooh and ahh over them (when they’re done well. If you throw some Triscuits and a block of cheddar on a cutting board, you may NOT call it a charcuterie board).

For extra crunch, freeze the grapes ahead of time. We swear, frozen grapes are so good, they can pass for dessert in a pinch (we used chablis grapes-they’re delicious). 



How pretty is this??? 

We’ve served this charcuterie board to guests and get so many compliments on it. 



Pretty Football Party Food: Shopping List

– Pretzilla Pretzel Bites

– Rustic Bakery (flatbread)

– Lesley Stowe Raincoast Crisps

– Dalmatia Fig Spread

– Cypress Grove (chevre cheese)

– Cowgirl Creamery (Red Hawk cheese)

– Savannah Bee Company (honeycomb)

– Whole Foods (olives, fruit, meats)

Pretty Football Party Food: Charcuterie Board Bonus Tips

– Create levels with the items on your charcuterie board- this maximizes space and adds to the overall look 

– Don’t forget cheese knives and forks

– Use herbs to add some color and pretty texture

– Offer a variety of crackers- a few hearty types with seeds/grains and some that are lighter in texture

– Fig spread is one of our best kept secrets- it may sound unusual but it’s AWESOME

– Pitted olives are a necessity- guests won’t have to worry about where to put their pits (or breaking a tooth)

Pretty Football Party Food: Team Players

Photography: Fully Alive Photography

Styling: Victoria Canada of Victoria Canada Weddings & Events

Serving Dishes:  Julia Knight Collection

Wooden board: John Boos & Co  

Flowers: Camelback Flower Shop

Clothing:  Nordstrom 

Location:  Private Residence

As featured in: Emma Magazine Winter Issue

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