Winter Lipstick Rules

Lipstick gets really fun in the fall and winter.

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We replace the soft, sheer, shimmery lip glosses of summer with big, full bodied lipsticks in bold reds and deep dark berries, burgundies and wine tones. Lips become a central focus in the colder months creating a look that is moody, sexy and frankly flat out fabulous!

There is however some maintenance required in order to pull this look off. Underneath these big lip colors your lips have to be smooth and super hydrated. Crusty, dry, flaky lips ruin your look at the best of times but a deep, or bold lipstick shade amplifies a dried out lip and just looks plain awful.

To keep your lips looking healthy and kissable when the barometer drops, gently exfoliate them with warm water and a wash cloth, being super careful not to rough them up or tear off lose skin. The stress here is on being gentle. Follow up with a really good lip balm. The lip balm part of this equation is super important as you need to not only keep your lips hydrated all the time, but also to give them a protective barrier against the cold weather.

eos-gluten-free lip balm
I love this passion fruit lip balm 

I keep EOS lip balms everywhere – my nightstand, my handbags, my car, and apply them throughout the day and before bed at night, helping me to keep my lips supple year round, and preventing them from getting dry or chapped in the winter. EOS lip balms are paraben and petrolatum free and are packed with antioxidant Vitamin E, shea butter and jojoba oil. I buy these little spheres in all the different colors and different flavors because at $3 each, why not try them all? (You can find them at places like Target)

I also keep them in my pro makeup kit. When a model/actor/client gets in my chair the first thing I do regardless of the time of year is apply lip balm so that it can be soaking in and hydrate their lips throughout the makeup process, prepping their pouts for lipstick. Everyone loves EOS lip balm spheres and at only $3 they love that they can throw them in their handbag when we’re done!

image by Kelly Capelli

We just shot a new winter lip tutorial for the upcoming issue of Luca Magazine . (you will love it!) My model had EOS lip balm soaking on her lips during makeup, getting them prepped and perfect for the story. 
The new issue of Luca hits newsstands December 1st.

image by Kelly Capelli

Take care of your lips, buy a killer dark lip color for fall and pucker up that pout!

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