Valentine’s Day with


How do you feel about Valentine’s Day?
Are you a fan?
I don’t know how I feel about it. I always love getting flowers though, dread getting chocolates (because I eat them), love getting lingerie.

I recently read a blog post that was about how BFF’s give each other V Day gifts when both are single, and thought it was quite a sweet idea.

If you have been following my blog for a while then you already know that I adore gorgeous lingerie, and sincerely believe that every girl should own some fabulous underpinnings. 

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I just opened an email from about their V Day sale, and got to thinking that your significant other is always going to enjoy watching you prancing around in fab lingerie, if you are single then now is the perfect time to buy yourself something new and slinky, and if you are doing BFF valentine’s gifts, then what better than something gorgeous from (at 30% discount!!!).


If you are not familiar with, their products are super lovely and priced so that every woman can have yummy lingerie. Age, body size, where you live, who you live with are all irrelevant to the folks at They believe that everyone should have quality, comfort and exquisite

style at a price she can afford.
They sell panties, bras, collections – every girlie option you could want.

Early Valentine's Day Sale: 30% OFF Select styles at Use code: VDAY30

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