Adele Pays Tribute To George Michael At the 2017 Grammys

Adele-2017 Grammys

Oh my gosh I LOVE her!!



Adele paid tribute to George Micheal tonight at the Grammys with an absolutely chilling rendition of his song Fast Love.

Part way through she stopped and asked to restart it because it wasn’t perfect.

Which just makes her even  more perfect!

““I’m sorry for swearing and I’m sorry for starting again, but I can’t mess this up for him,” she told the audience. “I can’t do this again like last year

Last year a few seconds into her Grammys performance the sound went out, but instead of stopping she powered on through, giving an amazing performance that everyone was talking about for ages.

At the end of her performance tonight Adele welled up in tears. She is just so real. As cameras panned the celebrity audience, everyone was right there with her.

Doesn’t she seem just so incredibly human? So many celebrities seem so otherworldly, so untouchable. Adele fells like she would be the best friend you ever had. I just love her. And tonight she showed us all it’s okay to not be perfect. It’s okay to screw up and own it.

And I have to say her hair and makeup were sensational! She is beautiful.


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