6 Summer Bridal Beauty Tips To Avoid A Makeup Meltdown

Gorgeous sunny summer weather makes for the perfect backdrop for your wedding. But the hot and sometimes humid weather can set you up for a makeup meltdown, so here are 6 tips to keep your summer wedding makeup looking flawless and staying in place until the night is over.


Use A Light Moisturizer.
Unless you have dry skin use a lightweight, gel formula moisturizer. Apply it as soon as you get out of the shower and give it plenty of time to soak in before you move on to makeup.
Blot away any residue on the surface of the skin with tissue before starting makeup.
A fabulous alternative is to use a gel sheet mask to revitalize your skin. Try Glacier Water Gel Mask from Memebox

Invest In A Mattifying Primer
Give your complexion all the help you can by using a high quality mattifying primer to keep foundation in place and too aid in fighting shine. Mattifiers have light diffusing properties that will stop light from bouncing off the smooth planes on your face.
Try Hyaluronic Hydra Primer by Terry

Check Your Foundation Formulation.
If you are being airbrushed on your wedding day ask for a water based formula rather than a silicone base. Water based is much more sheer and weightless.
If you are using traditional foundation keep your application as sheer as possible. The thicker the application the more gooey it will look as it heats up. Try Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk SPF 20 Foundation at Nordstrom.com


Be Aware Of Lash Length.
If you will be outdoors or are having outdoor photography be cautious with strip lashes and with the length of your false lashes.
A lash that is too dense will collapse your eye and make you look like you are squinting in all your pictures. (The dense black line of the lash will grab light and suck it in).
Lashes that are too long will act like an awning over your eyes in the sunlight, creating  a shadow below which leaves you looking tired and haggard.
The same applies with lash extensions – they may look good indoors but if they are too long or too dense they can destroy your look when you step  outside.

Seal It with A Kiss.
A matte lip can be a lifesaver on a hot or humid day.
Matte lips can tone down the extra glow or shine you are sporting when it’s hot outside and act as a neutralizing balance.
A glossy lip can make your whole face appear extra shiny.
Matte lips don’t slip, and with a good color payoff last longer too.
Try Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution in Miss Kensington

Finishing Spray.
A light misting of finishing spray can help hold everything in place on a humid, steamy day. Try Face Atelier Face Finish from FaceAtelier.com

How To Be A Good Bridesmaid

How To Be A Good Bridesmaid.

At this point in my career I don’t even know how many hundred weddings I have done.

Hundreds and hundreds of them.

In the midst of all the fun I always see what’s going on, and I’ve learned a lot about what makes a good bridesmaid.
Here are 10 tips for how to be a good bridesmaid


1. It’s not your show.

A really good bridesmaid knows that today she is absolutely NOT the star of the show!

You need to defer to the bride, don’t be an attention vampire, don’t be the loudest girl in the room.

No matter what goes down, be chill.

2. Say Yes To The Dress.

Who cares what it looks like on you? Tomorrow you can wear something different. As for today, don’t complain, don’t make snippy comments about how it’s not your style. Just roll with it. 

3. Be Makeup Cool.

Hopefully a good makeup artist has been hired for the big day, and is keeping all the bridesmaids looking beautiful. If you change out your lip color, draw on some big contour, or do something wacky with your eyebrows (ahem – Instagram) you will draw attention to yourself and take it away from the bride (and the other bridesmaids) and no doubt ruin every picture that you are in. Most of the time you will look stupid and vain.

Do your big makeup look tomorrow, but today just be chill.

4. Help Where You Can.

A good bridesmaid will be unobtrusively helpful. You can easily fix things, take care of potential problems, do simple things like get the bride a drink, make sure she has something to eat – essentially help her day flow smoothly. Just don’t do it in a way that makes you look like you’re seeking a pat on the back, or trying to outdo another bridesmaid.


5. Keep The Mood Light And Fun.

A really great bridesmaid will keep the mood in the room light and fun, diffusing any girl-drama that is threatening to break through. The bride needs to remember this as her best day ever, and feel the love and support of her closest friends rather than remember the getting ready portion of her wedding day as being a mean gossip-fest.


6. Bring An Emergency Kit.                               

If there is no wedding planner onsite then bring a few bits and pieces in case something goes wrong. Tampax, safety pins, bobby pins, bandaids, Excedrin, Fashion Tape, Altoids – little things that can make a huge difference.

7. Only Be Positive.

Don’t tell her her hair looks wrong or that her dress doesn’t fit quite right. Even if they do.
She is probably already feeling vulnerable and this is not the time for some passive aggressive “I’m only telling you because I love you” nonsense.

Tell her she looks beautiful, draw attention away from anything that isn’t quite right.

The biggest component of looking beautiful is feeling beautiful. If she feels gorgeous she will radiate gorgeous. No matter how amazing she looks, if she feels like she’s not looking her best, then that is what she will project.

8. Don’t Get Drunk.

You know your limit. Don’t go past it.

The drunk bridesmaid lowers the tone of the event. And she gets immortalized in the wedding album with her half falling down up-do, bleary runny eyes and smeared lips.

No matter how much fun you think you are when you’re drunk, to everyone else you look stupid

9. Accept That The Maid Of Honor Is The Leader

Even if you can’t stand her.

Don’t get your nose out of joint, don’t get into any passive aggressive power games, just smile and roll with it. 


10. Have Fun.

And if you’re not having fun, act as if you are.


Weddings In Venice

Last year when I was in Italy leading the Corinna B’s World Glam Italia Tour we spent a day in Venice.

Venice never, ever disappoints

I always think you need at least a week in Venice, but there was only time for one day. I would like to stay there for a month but I can never find a spare month to run away in.

While we were there we spotted two weddings happening.
Venice would be a very romantic place to get married, don’t you think?


 We loved the bride’s dress.

The guests were very chic. I loved this lady’s white dress. Perfect with the beige jacket and nude heels

We were wondering if the veil was old or new?
It was just beautiful.

I also loved the short celery trench coat on the guest/family member in the background. and those legs!

The most fun was watching these two little boys who could care less about the pomp and circumstance surrounding them.
They were doing some good running and jumping instead.

A few minutes later we sat on the steps of another church eating lunch, when along came another wedding. They just swung by for photos though.
They looked so sweet and lovely, just the two of them on their destination wedding in Venice.






I would love to go out there and do some weddings…

I loved these two. They escaped the rain, taking shelter under the walkway along the Doges palace. All glamorous in a long dress and a suit, and made use of their free time with a little canoodling.