Bridal Beauty Tip # 17 What The Groom Wears

I recently had the honor of being part of the team shooting one of the covers for the 15th Anniversary issue of Phoenix Bride And Groom Magazine.


For those of you not living in Arizona, this is a gorgeous, glossy magazine full of fabulous ideas and resources, not just for local brides and brides coming to beautiful, sunny Arizona for a destination wedding, but for brides anywhere in the world.
You can see a digital version of the magazine here:
Phoenix Bride and Groom Magazine online 
I also write and shoot bridal beauty based stories for their blog

The story that I shot with them for the 15th Anniversary Issue
was all about what the groom wears. Rather than the traditional black tuxedo, the magazine paired up with designer Ted Baker and explored some fashion forward options for the guys in the wedding party.




The story was shot at one of our stunning wedding venues in north Scottsdale, Sassi
Photography by Ben And Kelly Photography
Styling by Jennifer O’Bannon
Hair by Amber Tillinghast
Makeup by Corinna Cooke

in the makeup room for the Phoenix Bride and Groom 15th Anniversary cover shoot

Makeup Tips For The Mother Of The Bride ~ Bridal Beauty Tip #15

The Mother Of The bride has probably been dreaming about her daughter’s wedding since shortly after she was born.
And in that dream she probably envisions herself looking lovely, fresh faced and beautiful.

image via

It’s easy for the day of the wedding to be both stressful and busy for the bride’s mother, so she needs to plan ahead and factor in her own beauty needs.

Here are my beauty tips for the mother of the bride:

1. Get Your Skin Ready
No matter how skilled your makeup artist is, your makeup will never look fantastic if your skin is not looking fabulous underneath.
Start having regular facials in the months leading up to the wedding, or if the wedding is just around the corner give yourself a good (but gentle!) exfoliating treatment and use some sheet masks in the days leading up to the big event. Sheet masks are super affordable but also super effective. Look for masks that are hydrating and brightening. I order mine online at Memebox

2. Hydrate.
On the morning of the wedding apply liberal doses of both eye cream and moisturizer when you get out of the shower. You need to allow plenty of time for it to absorb in before you put on any makeup.

3. The Makeup Artist.
If you have a makeup artist coming to get the bride ready, have her do your makeup too. When you are booking her ask to see samples of her mother-of-the-bride makeup. Some artists are very heavy handed and only know how to do Instagram inspired heavy contour and mega brows, which frankly looks awful on everyone. If she can’t do your makeup either book someone else, or if you are doing your own makeup follow these tips.

4. Prime time
Use a good quality primer such as Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow Primer. This primer will not only give your foundation a perfect surface to adhere to, making it go on more smoothly and last longer, but it will also add some vibrancy to your complexion.

5. Fill In Your Brows
Typically as we age gravity sends everything downwards. Makeup-wise we want to create the illusion of everything being back up where it used to be. Filling in the brows with a complimentary color in a brow pencil or powder (don’t go too dark) redefines your face, and directs the viewer’s eye upward.

Helen Mirren on the red carpet is the perfect example of gorgeous, flattering makeup for a mature woman.
She always looks stunning.

6. Keep The Eyes Defined But Soft.
Stay away from eye-makeup that is dramatic, overblown or dark, and avoid black eyeliner like the plague. All these things are super aging and draw attention to every fine line and wrinkle around your eye. Black liner grabs light and sucks it in, making it the first thing anyone sees when they look at you. In all your photos it will make you look like you are squinting. Opt instead for deep espresso brown or purple browns that will give you the accent you want, but won’t collapse your eye.

7. Use A Waterproof Mascara
Chances are you will tear up during your daughter’s wedding, so prevent the inevitable damage by wearing a waterproof mascara.

8. Use A Cream Blush
Cream blush gives the complexion a lovely radiant glow. The color is buildable so you can gently add more color, or if you’ve been too heavy handed it is easy to correct by swirling your foundation brush back through it. Try Laura Mercier Creme Cheek Color

9. Use A Satin Finish Lipstick
Glossy lips look great on a teen, but look silly on a mature woman.
Matte lips are super aging, but  a satin finish lipstick makes the lips look soft and alluring and is very flattering.
I am obsessed with Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick. The finish is gorgeous and the colors are perfect. 

10. Avoid Aging Makeup Mistakes
I have an entire post on makeup mistakes that age you. Learn more tips and tricks by reading it here

Bridal Beauty Tip # 14 ~ How To Wear A Red Lip On Your Wedding Day

Red lips are stunning, dramatic, and wildly alluring.
They can compliment a white wedding dress and a glowing complexion like nothing else, giving you a look that is fresh, modern and uber chic.

Super fresh and stunning – bride in a red lip

But they also can be tricky to pull off on a day as huge as your wedding day, so here are  tips for How To Wear A Red Lip On Your Wedding Day.

1. Do I or don’t I? 
If you normally wear a red lip, absolutely! – Go for it! If you don’t normally wear a red lip, proceed with caution. Red is trickier than any other color to wear, and as it is such an attention grabber, any hiccups that occur along the way, happen front and center.

2. Balm It.
If you are planning on going red for your wedding look, make sure you start prepping a few days out. Gently exfoliate your lips then keep them super hydrated with a thick and nourishing lip balm day and night leading into your big day.
Cracked, chapped lips, even slightly chapped lips, look awful under a bold red lipstick.  Get those lips smooth and hydrated before you go near a red lipstick. Try Nuxe Nourishing Lip balm (click on image below)

3. Saturate Your Color
Choose a lipstick that has really saturated color. Pinky/nudey glosses don’t really require too much color saturation, and will look fine even if the color is a little wiggly or patchy. Bold colors like reds really need dense, even pigment to make the entire lip look even. A patchy red lip looks awful.
(Click image for link to Temptu Imperial Red Lipstick)

4. Line It Twice.
I like to use two lip liners when working with red. The first is slightly darker than the lip color I’m using. This helps to create a multi dimensional lip, and stops the red from looking like it’s just sitting on top of your skin. (You will blend your lipstick through this line and make it disappear, but it will still be doing it’s job for you underneath.)
How-To-Wear-A-Red-Lip-On-Your-Wedding-DayThe second lip liner is the same shade as the lipstick, and you will fill the entire lip in with it. This way if your lipstick starts to come away you will have a matching color underneath.

5. Finish Strong.
Although glossy reds can be fun I don’t recommend them for weddings, instead I direct my girls to a matte finish.
Mattes hold longer – glosses tend to slip more. A matte lip in a bold color lets you opt for a glowy gorgeous complexion offset with a firm brow.
Another thing to consider when thinking red lips is the fellow you are planning on kissing. 
Men both love and fear a red lip. Red lipstick commands attention, is madly sexy (it will have him thinking about the wedding night allll day long!), but if you have a glossy or satiny red lip he will fear kissing you because he doesn’t want a trail of red slime all over him. A matte lip is both alluring and kiss friendly!