Hellooooo Halle!!!

Can I even tell you how fabulous it is to wake up and find you have something in common with the absolutely spectacular Ms Halle Berry???

She is arguably one of the most divine creatures to ever prowl the surface of the planet, and she has all that talent, the darling baby and the hot man to make the perfect picture complete!

Given the choice I would love to wake up and find that miraculously overnight I had aquired legs like hers, but unfortunately, no matter how many times I check, my own are still attached to my torso. Ho hum…

So anyway, I was all kinds of excited to see this picture of Halle and the gorgeousness that is her beautiful baby Nahla. Because if you look at her neckline, it would appear that she is wearing the Circle Of Peace pendant necklace from d lynan designs. The same one that I am wearing this very minute, and tend to wear every single day!

See, this is the necklace. Its a killer cool peace sign, with a guitar neck as the center bar.
I love it!
Its quite heavy sterling silver – not plated. It hangs just below the collar bone, I think the chain is somewhere around 20 inches. The detail on every aspect of the piece is just delicious, from the inventive clasp, to the chain, to the actual pendant itself itself. Even the reverse side of the pendant has a fabulous design!

The d lynan designs Artistic Soul collection is very edgy, rock n roll cool. It reminds me of Chrome Hearts, (which I always associate with the coolest musicians I’ve ever worked with, and ever known).
I’m sure rockers are grabbing these right now, as well as the Hollywood crowd, plenty of whom already have them.
So when you see one of these around the neck of some celebrity in InStyle magazine, or up on the big screen at a sold out concert, don’t go forgetting just who it was who told you about them first!

Here are two more from the collection….

They look great layered, either together or with other pieces.

…and no, that’s not me. If I had legs like that I wouldn’t be writing this blog, I’d be off standing somewhere, looking all leg-u-licious, so that people could look at them…

As a side note I have to say I was really taken with the packaging too. Very innovative and exciting! I love well thought out presentation of a really fabulous product.

If you’d like to see more of the d lynan designs Artistic Soul Collection, you can find it at www.dlynan.com and then you can join me, and Halle, and Cam, and Jen, and Anne etc etc…
(notice how I put myself right up in there with them???) and own one of these too.

Oh, and a percentage from the sale of each Circle of Peace Necklace goes to the charity
In A Perfect World check them out at www.iapw.org



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