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Today I am re-posting a blog that was written by my friend Keri Chantler from the oh so fabulous Twirl Boutique in Scottsdale. You can check out her blog TwirlTalk for all kinds of great info.

Now Twirl is known as a very high end, high fashion, chic and unique bridesmaids dress boutique. Truth is, they have the most gorgeous dresses that are divine not only for bridesmaids, but also for anyone who has a high end, fabulicious event to go to.

When I have to go to an awards show or some super event I get my dress at Twirl. In fact Will and I just won another award, and my dress for the ceremony will be a piece of Twirl gorgeousness. Not sure what look I’ll be going for yet, but I’ll let Keri take care of the details, I’ll be responsible for the shoes…

It can be tricky choosing the right neckline for your body, and there have been plenty of times that I have died a thousand deaths over some delectable dress in a magazine, then tried it on and found out to my absolute horror that it looks spectacularly ghastly on me.

So when Keri posted this blog I was thrilled! Its a great guide to necklines and body shape, and
I thought was completely and utterly brilliant!

Top Five Necklines and Your Bustline

August 24, 2009 in Tips and Advice

I had a customer with a very small bustline this weekend try on a v-neck dress and say, “I look like a boy”. She was right. Then she tried on a strapless, sweet-heart neckline that had some ruching at the bustline, and we didn’t even notice her bust – we just noticed how amazing she looked in the dress. The bride, who had a bit more of a bust, tried the v-neck on and it looked completely different on her – it was adorable! It really is all in the bust when it comes to what neckline bridesmaids should wear. Good news, though, there isn’t just one neckline for each bust size – it’s about knowing your best options and also knowing what is universally flattering. STRAPLESS: I hear girls mention all the time that there are so many strapless dresses, and not enough other necklines. The reason? A strapless neckline is often the most universally flattering on every bustline. A bridesmaid with a larger bustline can wear a strapless dress, but she must wear proper undergarments in order to have support. Try a strapless bra like this one – the longer style will offer more support on a larger bust.

These are some of my favorite strapless dresses that look good on a variety of bustlines:

V-NECK: On the hanger, v-neck dresses look more conservative and covering. On the contrary, a v-neck dress is going to show the most cleavage if you are sporting a fuller bust. The great thing about v-necks is that you can often wear a more traditional bra. V-necks are best on girls who have bustline that’s still standing high, or on girls who know how to make a killer bra work. It really depends on your comfortability with sporting cleavage, and it depends on the bride and location (very religious wedding=no boobs on display). If you do go the v-neck route, there are some really modern styles out there right now.

CB looooves this dress!!!

HALTER: I love halter dresses because I feel like they support my bust while slimming the area between my shoulders and neck. Designers don’t tend to offer too many halter styles, though. Halters are best for women who have a bust – they can sometimes make a flat chest look even more flat.

love this yellow one too…

HIGH NECK: These are becoming more and more popular, and are a fun way to be conservative regarding the bustline. With that said, these dresses really do look best on smaller busted ladies – a very large bust tends to overtake the silhouette of the dress.

ONE SHOULDER: My new personal favorite for every bustline. With some of these styles, you could even wear one (clear) bra strap for added support. The one shoulder look flatters every bustline while offering something interesting – and something to look at other than the bust.

How fab is this one??? I wouldn’t do the flowers in the hair though…

Wasn’t that cool?
Make sure you check in on TwirlTalk – there’s so much great information and so many cool ideas to be pilfered…

Thanks Keri!

P.S the blue comments were me talking!




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