Rocking That Bridal Thing!

So last week I show you some behind the scenes action in the Oh William! post, now I’m going to show you how I did the make up on that shoot.

I used products from the fabulous Smashbox Reign collection. You’ll see several tutorials popping up using this collection, because it is so versatile and multi-dimensional, there are just so many incredible looks you can put together.
Quite honestly if you get this set you wont need anything else to get you all the way through the holiday season.

I demand a lot from products. If I’m going to use them they have to hold up to the light and have to wear exceptionally well. These products do, and on top of that the packaging is to die for! Even the boxes are gorgeous, so geeky as it sounds, I actually keep all the products in their original boxes and still get endless pleasure every time I take them out!
I love the leather style compacts with the crest embossed on – sooo fab!

So here’s how you get the look:

I’ve concealed, airbrushed, powdered, blushed etc already, and now we are going to the eyes.

As always, my first step in an eyeshadow primer.

This is the “Majesty” palette. Aren’t the colors beautiful? The inner circle is the matte version of the color, the outer circle is a shimmer shadow. You can use them wet or dry.

Starting with the Oval Shadow Brush and the shimmer section of the first shade in the palette, which is a beautiful champagne, apply from lash line to brow line in smooth even strokes. Make sure you get into the inner corner of the eye too.

Now using the Chisel Fluff brush and the middle shade in shimmer fuchsia take the color across the lid and up through the crease. I used a gentle swirling motion, as I want a soft, beautiful eye.

Changing palettes to the “Monarch” palette, and using the flat edge of the angle blender brush I used the shimmering deep brown shade and worked it through the outer corner of the eye to give it depth, added warmth, and dimension.

Using the smudger brush and the matte deep brown (thats the inner circle on the shadow – told you it was versatile!) I smudged this deep lush shade along the upper lash line. This gives the benefit of a liner without seeing an actual line. Keeps it a little more whimsical.

Still using the Smudger Brush and the matte deep brown from the Monarch palette, I smudged color into the lower lash line, giving a very soft effect.

A little Bionic Mascara in black, and we’re good to go!
Isn’t it pretty?

The look was completed with Smashbox blush in the shade Regal, which is part of the Reign Collection. It gives a lovely glow and a naturally flushed look to the cheeks.
For the lips I used the Doubletake Lip color pencil in Currant. This is really cool, because one end is a lipliner and the other is the actual lipstick, just in pencil form. The color is so bold and majestic!
I actually applied a little of the lipgloss shade Crowned to soften the look for the camera.

Doesn’t Miss Emely look regal?

And here is the final shot. You’d never know that Will and I are crouched behind her holding out the dress. Doesn’t it look gorgeous???

So here are the credits on this one!
Photographer – the amazing Kelly Cappelli
Hair – Will Zecco
Makeup – me
Model – Emely Soto
Dress – Mariee
Jewelery – Claudia’s Custom Jewelry
Makeup products Smashbox Reign Collection
Makeup Brushes

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