MAC Eyeshadow Makeup Tutorial

Today I am going to teach you a very clean and pretty eye makeup using MAC eyeshadows.

We shot this at a photoshoot for our teen model, Monica, so I have referred to it as a clean, teen eye makeup, but really it is fabulous for any one.

So here we go:

First up, apply an eye shadow primer. This will help the shadows to bind to the eyelid, and stay there all day, instead of disappearing as the day wears on.

Next, using the Oval Shadow Brush, apply MAC eyeshadow color Hush from the lashline to the eyebrow in clean, smooth strokes. Badger hair brushes make this very simple and get it done in just 2 or 3 strokes.

Now take the Chisel Fluff Brush and apply the color Quarry onto the lid only. This is where you feel eyeball underneath. Take it from the lashline to the crease.

Using the flat edge of the Angle Blender Brush, press the color Mystery into the outer corner of the eye

The effect should be quite soft and pretty.

Now add some dimension to the eye by using MAC Pigment in Shimmertime.
I used the Oval Shadow Brush, and just gently pressed it into the inner corner of the eye, and up to the brow.

You can see below how lovely this looks.

Use MAC Stubborn Brown eyeliner pencil and supporting the upper lid, run the pencil along the lash line, lifting it a little at the outer corner.

Using the Taklon Liner Brush take MAC Expresso eyeshadow, and press it into the pencil liner. This will set it and stop the pencil from moving and disappearing as the day wears on.

Make a second pass with the Taklon Liner brush and smudge the line a little, making it softer.

Now run the Taklon Liner Brush and Expresso shadow under the lower eyelid, keeping it right up in the lash line. This will give you a much softer, smokier look than using pencil under the eye. It will also stay on all day.
Anytime you are using powder shadows, particles will drop below the eye, so use a fan brush to sweep away under the eye. Pictured is the Delux Soft Fan Brush which is made from badger hair, and picks up product better than any other fan brush I have ever used.

Add some mascara (I used MAC ProLash) and you are good to go!

For the shoot we added individual eyelashes at this point, and the tutorial for that can be seen here in the For The Ladies Who Lash photo tutorial and the Lash Me Lash Me video tutorial.

So here is our final shot of the lovely Monica with her makeup complete. Isn’t she just gorgeous? She is completely adorable to work with too.

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Hope you enjoyed the tutorial!



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