10 Things To Love In December…

It’s the middle of December already, and there are just so many things to love!
Here are some things making me happy this December:

First up: Starbucks Cranberry Bliss Bar.
My favorite thing!
Problem is way too many calories.
So I allow myself only one, and I have to do 400 extra squats and lunges as penance.
So far no day this year has been deemed worthy.

My favorite ornament!
The Bowler.
Isn’t he funny? I won him.
A few years ago.

We’re going next week.
Can’t wait!

Christmas cookies.
I think I made about a million this year.

Its not Monday night til Hank Williams sings it
Its not Christmas time til Josh sings it.
Kinda makes up for 11 months of Kid Rock and Buckcherry
On A Midnight Clear/ hearing the angels sing….

Party time!!!
How about this dress from Stella McCartney?

Champagne tastes so much better in December!
Forever Cristal

Check this out:
Silver Minx manicure.
Could be fab with the Stella

Ahhhhh! The red lip.
No one does it like Christina Aguilera.
She makes it perfect.
This shot is from May 2008 – still fabulous.

THIS is too purrfect for words.
Christina with an updo, lashes and a bright red lip.
This is exactly the look for the season.
And I love it!

10 more days til my movie opens.
I cannot wait for Nine!
Kate Hudson dancing

Penelope Cruz rocking it.
Nicole Kidman, Fergie Ferg, Sophia Loren
I can’t wait for Nine

and now you have my 10…



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