SuperSonic Skin Care Looove!!!

I forgot to ask you if you got anything good for Christmas???
I did.
Santa gave me some lovin
via the amazing Clarisonic Plus Limited Edition.

I’ve been wanting a Clarisonic for ages.

Movie stars swear by Clarisonic
Models swear by Clarisonic
Cosmetic surgeons and Dermatologists swear by Clarisonic

And now, so do I!

Clarisonic was created by the same people who made the Sonicare toothbrush,
and it works along the same lines.
Except that the brush head was specifically designed to be used on the skin.
And more specifically the delicate skin on the face.

The gentle sonic vibrations rotate at 300 movements per second,
cleaning deeply, clearing pores and removing six times more makeup than regular cleansing.
Rough patches get evened out,
dead, dry skin gets lifted away,
blemishes clear up and go away,
oily areas get reduced,
and you are left with clear, gleaming, radiant, beautiful skin.

It also works on the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Its amazing!

We just shot 10 new makeup tutorial videos, after I’d been using my Clarisonic Plus for 5 weeks.
You can see the difference in my skin.
(check out the Valentine’s Day Makeup video series and see for yourself!)

I am sooo hooked!

One of the special features of the Clarisonic Plus model, is an extra brush head that you can change out and use on the body.
You can spot treat areas like decollete, elbows, hands, arms, knees.
Smooth it all!
The set comes with cleansing products too.

Some of the aesthetics schools,
such as the SouthWest Institute Of Natural Aesthetics in Tempe, Arizona
actually have Clarisonic training as part of their curriculum.
That’s how important this product is.
Its revolutionary in the world of skin care.


The Limited Edition (like mine) comes in a classic rose and lilac paisley print.
50% of the profits from the Limited EditionClarisonic go to
the Susan G Komen Foundation to help us win the fight against cancer.
So you’re saving your face and saving your boobies.

The Limited Edition Clarisonic is available exclusively online at

New year, new decade, new you – you need a Clarisonic Plus.
Your skin will love you for it.

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