Single Girl’s Survival Guide To Valentines Day, Day 2

So here we are on day 2 of our Single Girl’s Survival Guide to Valentines Day.
And there is no day like Tuesday to talk about lingerie.

One of the biggest lingerie mistakes women make has nothing to do with the size or the fit, but everything to do with the reason for buying it.
I hear girls saying “why should I buy it if I have no one to show it too?”
I can’t even tell you how much that messes with the Tao of Me.

Girls should always buy lingerie for their own pleasure, not for anyone elses. Buy it because you love it, buy it because it feels good, buy it because it makes you feel good, not because some dude might like it.
Wear it for the luxury, feel fabulous in it, and if some bloke catches a glimpse – well lucky old him.

And face it, if he sees you in granny pants he’s probably going to be all kinds of happy, because afterall, he’s just seen you in your undies.

Now, with men out of the shopping equation, lets look at some options that will make the single girl’s Valentines Day a whole lot more fun.

One of my favorite lingerie stores is Faire Frou Frou in Sherman Oaks California.

From Faire Frou I found this
Maison Close gartered bodysuit
worn under a fun little spring dress (or winter one if you live in colder climes), much fun to be had!

Also from Faire Frou Frou, bring some power to your power meeting,
wearing a hot little number like this Lascivious Lila bra and Milla bodysuit under your business suit.
I personally am convinced that sales calls go better when you’re wearing these.

There is alot to be said for wearing a corset, although perhaps not so much on days where you have tons of driving to do…

Almost virginal in white  
(I did say almost),
this Forever Yours white corset is really
very inexpensive.

It even has removable shoulder straps to help
hold you up if you have weightier boobs.

Pink is fun. Kinda sweetly sexy too.

Its amazing what you can find if you just google “Valentines Lingerie”
This girl looks pretty empowered in her “Night of Seduction” set from
It would totally work under virtually anything you could possibly want to wear.

And lets face it – nothing says “howdy” quite like a peek-a-boo bra

 peekaboo bra in leather

or peekaboo bra in what ever this is…

 I can’t really imagine this girl feeling sorry for herself on Valentines Day, can you? Probably because her bra is all support and no, um, coverage. She’s having all kinds of fun.
I found this one at

So the moral of the story is, so what if you’re single for Valentines Day? Go buy yourself something fun or fabulous, naughty or nice, something that you would feel completely lovely in, and buy it with yourself in mind, not the fool that just left you, or the one that didn’t snap you up.

Chin up girlie!

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