Check Out My Concealed Weapon…

I get a steady stream of emails, tweets and messages from girlies all over the globe asking about how to conceal under eye circles, and what products I really use.

My absolute favorite of all is a pro product available to everyone through Sephora.

Its the unbelievably amazing MakeUp Forever HD Invisible Cover Concealer.

It looks like something James Bond should whip out of his inside pocket and talk to China on, but is actually technologically the most advanced, high performance concealer on the market.

The main issues women have with concealers are that the grey blue under eye color shows through, and that the texture of the product sits on the surface of the skin.

The HD Concealer color choices are based on color theory, as opposed to that maniac concept of “picking a color one shade lighter than your skin tone” nonsense.
Color theory in this case means that you are using a shade that cancels out the problem color. So they have these beautiful peachy-pinky shades that actually cancel out the blue/grey that we’re all trying to hide in the first place.
(Going one shade lighter than your skin tone is still going to let the blue show through…)

There is all kinds of magic in the formulation too that works with product texture.

One of the main attributes of the MakeUp Forever HD line is that these products are designed to be virtually invisible to the human eye (and to HD cameras). You blend this product with your finger (patting it gently) until it disappears.

It has hydrating properties in it that stop it from drying out, cracking and creasing, which are the normal under eye concealer side effects. After 6 hours your under eye area will still be 74% more hydrated than you would be without the product on. This is important ladies, as the first signs of aging and tiredness show up under the eyes!

It also diffuses the light and instantly brightens the eye area.

It comes in 14 shades, because you and I dont fall into the light/medium/dark category. We are a tad more complex and spectacular than that!

(BTW, I got this pic from

It comes in a wind up pen form, with a cool silicone applicator. (I think its silicone anyway. Super soft & gentle)

Just figure its a revolutionary HD compatible concealer that brightens, camouflages, moisturizes, firms, stays invisible and helps reveal the Goddess that you really are.

Love that!



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