Friday Nite Happiness!

I ripped this one directly out of InStyle magazine – no creativity here on my part!
But doesn’t it just look like a fabuloso evening???

They recommended starting with home made neopolitan pizzas. To accompany them a light refreshing drink called an Orange & Lillet Cocktail.

So here we go:

Orange & Lillet Cocktail

2 cups chilled white Lillet
2 cups chilled vodka (I recommend Grey Goose)
1 cup orange liqueur
1 cup chilled orange juice (not pulpy kind)
2 Tablespoons fresh lemon juice
1 bottle chilled Prosecco
orange slices for garnish

In a large pitcher or carafe combine Lillet, vodka. liqueur, and orange and lemon juices.
Chill til ready to serve
Before serving add Prosecco

Pour into ice filled glasses & garnish with orange slices.

Lillet is an aperatif from Bordeaux made of 85% wine and 15% oranges.

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