I Love You Blogs And Coffee !

One of my favorite things to do is curl up with a steaming cup of coffee and read my favorite blogs. (see the Blogs I Love list below, right)

No matter what your interests are, there are blogs out there in internet-land just for you.
Sometimes I like to read other beauty and makeup blogs, sometimes travel blogs, sometimes artsy and whimsical, sometimes informative & helpful. I’ve even found blogs devoted to cooking and blogs for interior decorating. I can happily spend all day cruising through the blog-o-sphere.

The great thing is, there’s just so much out there for everyone.

One of my absolute favorites is the beautiful MadeByGirl blog. It’s always full of fabulous, fascinating and fresh ideas. Looove it!

I found this there too:

Isn’t it cool? And it just sums it all up for me too! You can buy this lovely print on the MadeByGirl website as well as all kinds of gorgeous handmade cards, prints and lovely things.

Today I’m in the mood for soft and lovely, so my java and I bid you adieu and I’m off to read some lovely blogs.



P.S if you would like to share the blogs you love, please let me know! I always want to read more… 🙂

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