Oh The Sheer Hawtness Of It!!!

I’m always on the look out for fabulous new lingerie.
I’m currently on the look out for some post-holiday-mania-grown-up-relief.
I’m frequently on the look out for glorious things at sale prices.
Kizmet! Looks like the planets have aligned and I’m about to hit the lovely underwear jackpot!

Imagine how thrilled I was to find that one of my absolute favorite purveyors of luxe lingerie is running a January sale?? 

Nothing is quite so empowering as knowing you’re wearing a little something to die for next to your skin, hidden (or maybe not) from the world at large.

Nothing makes “No officer, I really wasn’t speeding” sound quite as believable as when you say it while wearing truly divine undergarments under your jeans.
OK. I made that one up.

Fabulous underwear makes you feel so feminine

You have to check out the goings on at ea lingerie
ëa lingerie is a delicate and ultra feminine brand, a combination of romanticism sensuality and sophistication.
And ëa lingerie is having a sale.

Valentines Day is literally right around the corner, so you may just want to make sure that the man-beast in your life knows how to find his way to their website: ealingerieshoponline.com

 And if you don’t have a significant other, go buy yourself something special. You deserve it!

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