7 Beauty Mistakes French Women Never Make

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I adore the French girl beauty aesthetic. Frenchies are so effortlessly chic and have far too much panache to ever get on board with any of the manic makeup trends on Instagram, so they never look like cariacatures of themselves – they just look gorgeous!

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7 Beauty Mistakes French Women Never Make

Feeling French?


Don’t: Get Lipstick On Your Teeth

French women live in red lipstick, but somehow never get it on their teeth (the ultimate makeup faux pas). The secret? Once you apply it, place your index finger in between your lips, then pucker to blot off excess.

Don’t: Wear The Wrong Foundation Shade

Our favorite Parisians never seem to have that unsightly line of foundation across the jaw that shows just how different their makeup is from the color of their neck. Instead of piling on a thick layer of product, they prefer a dewy, natural-looking complexion. Swap your high-coverage foundation (especially if it doesn’t perfectly match your skin tone) for something a bit more sheer. That’ll ensure that it blends better and looks impossibly fresh.

Don’t: Overpluck Your Eyebrows

The easiest way to look more French is to lay off the tweezers for a while. While their brows are usually grown out, that je ne sais quoi is all in the grooming, so make sure to comb strays into place with a spooley brush.

Don’t: Go Overboard With The Contouring

You’ll never catch a French women with a nose contoured to perfection and cheekbones that shine like the sun. They know just how to work with what they’ve got and highlight their assets in a natural-looking way. Instead of layering multiple highlighters to get a shine, use a face oil on the high points of your face to look like you were born with perfect features.

Don’t: Go To Sleep With Makeup On

If you’re wondering how our Parisian pals can get away with stepping out in barely any makeup at all, it’s because they take really good care of their skin. Think about that the next time you curl into bed with your makeup on.

Don’t: Fry Your Hair

Instead of heat styling your hair to death (literally, it kills your hair), embrace your natural texture. Apply hair oil to settle the frizz and your natural curl, wave or straight hair will look trés chic always.

Don’t: Wear A Chipped Mani

Have you ever seen a French girl with chipped nails? Neither have we. Don’t take shortcuts when giving yourself a mani. Apply a base coat before your color and a top coat to seal—it’ll ensure that your polish stays put and looks shiny longer.

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